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Labor & Employment

Practice Group Leader: Ashley Ann Dorris

Snyder Law’s Labor and Employment attorneys recognize that the most important asset of most companies is its employees. So, we provide ready access to and, occasionally, can serve as an extension of a company’s human resource department, providing advice on all legal aspects of employment and labor relations. Our attorneys provide advice to clients relating to labor and employment issues, personnel policies and documents. We also assist clients who have experienced an injury or accident that results in an OSHA investigation or are subjected to an OSHA on-site investigation, from initial inspection through closing conference and into administrative litigation, if necessary.

Our clients find that we are particularly effective in assisting with on-going matters that might otherwise lead to problematic litigation by dissatisfied or terminated employees. Early strategizing and development of a plan of action will often assuage hard feelings, set the stage for a well-planned departure, and eliminate later legal action by the employee.

Even when situation escalates, our attorneys are particularly effective in the various forms of alternate dispute resolution, which include mediation and arbitration under collective bargaining or employment agreements or company-instituted arbitration policies or mediation. We also defend against claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, defamation and breach of contract.

Implicit in our relationship with clients is a well-versed understanding of the client’s history, culture and business needs. Having that sort of background and focus, our attorneys are able to effectively manage and conclude the client’s matters.

Key areas of experience: