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Practice Group Leader: Ashley Ann Dorris

The firm’s construction litigation attorneys are experienced at handling complicated situations surrounding construction site accidents, job site safety, property damage, defects, changed conditions, professional negligence, and related concerns. We also coordinate immediate response teams for catastrophic accidents involving severe property damage due to structural failures, mechanical failures, collapses, cave-ins, or other causes. We help clients secure and preserve relevant evidence, retain appropriate experts and consultants, and deal with governmental investigations.

Construction defect is a burgeoning and a frustrating practice area, the latter especially for client defendants. The focus of our firm in such matters to encourage the maximum amount of cooperation and cost-savings for our clients and others. Recognizing that the typical tactic of plaintiff firms is “divide and conquer,” we are the leaders in developing joint defense groups within the various sub-contractors and material providers. Rather than falling prey to the usual one law firm - one client situation, we encourage early meetings of carrier representatives and counsel. The result is frequently appointment of lead or single counsel for sub-groups, eliminating duplicative legal fees and substantially reducing defense costs for insurors and clients. Thereafter, efforts are made to pursue a strong, joint legal defense posture while pursuing early evaluation and settlement opportunities.

Key areas of experience: